Feature ATM Bersama

ATM Bersama is the largest Switching network in Indonesia, which has been connected with 90 institutions, both Banks and non-Bank institutions. By connecting with ATM Bersama Network, Bank customers are able to access on various transaction such as Balance Inquiry, Cash Withdrawal, and Interbank Transfer through Banks Member delivery channels throughout Indonesia.

ATM Bersama is also the first switching network in Indonesia that enable customers to inter-bank transfer transactions in real-time online. ATM Bersama is also connected with other international principals in Global Joint services such as Paynet from Malaysia, JCB from Japan, and Al-Rajhi from Saudi Arabia, so that customers of ATM Bersama member banks can conduct cash withdrawal transactions in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.


    ATM card holders of ATM Bersama Banks’ member can conveniently withdraw money at ATM centers which has ATM Bersama logo on it, with maximum amount of funding defined by the Card Issuing Bank.


    Customers of an ATM Bersama participating banks are enable to view their account balance.


    ATM Bersama has been connected to the interconnection network with all domestic principals in Indonesia; as the result, customers can perform money transfer to all other banks from all around Indonesia.


    Customers of an ATM Bersama participating banks can perform money transfer using ATM Bank A Card in ATM Machine Bank B to ATM Bank C as destination account, as long as the banks are confirmed participanting banks in ATM Bersama network.