ATM Bersama is a service network for Banking and Non banking institutions that allows its customers to use their ATM Card with ATM Bersama logo, to utilize all ATM Bersama’s participating Banks’ delivery channels. There are various feasible interbank transactions, for example balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, and transfer. To this date, there are 90 banking and non banking institutions participate in ATM Bersama network, resulting in ATM Bersama to be the largest switching network in Indonesia.

Currently, there are 77,000 participating ATM  terminals in ATM Bersama throughout Indonesia, and the number keeps on growing. Customers are allowed to use their ATM Cards that have ATM Bersama logo at the back of the cards, in any Bank ATMs that have ATM Bersama logo on the machine.

Nearly all Banks throughout Indonesia have participated in ATM Bersama network. As per June 2020, there are 90 Banks that have joined and serve its operational using ATM Bersama netwok. The list include Public Banks or HIMBARA (Himpunan Bank Negara) that comprises of BRI, BNI Bank, Mandiri Bank, BTN, and national private Banks such as Bank Permata, Bank Danamon, Bank Niaga, Bank Bukopin, Bank OCBC NISP, Bank Mega, CIMB Niaga Bank, and many others.

There are also the Islamic Syariah Banks like Bank Muamalat, Bank Syariah Indonesia, Bank Mega Syariah Indonesia, et cetera. Next, there are Banks that are included in Regional Development Banks (Bank-bank Pembangunan Daerah /BPD ) from Sabang to Merauke. Examples of these Banks category are DKI Bank, Jabar Bank, BPD Aceh, BPD DIY, Bank Jatim, and even Bank Papua. But, not only that, international Banks such as StanChart, HSBC, Citi Bank, Bank Commonwealth, and many others are also registered as proud participants. Finally, other than public Banks, BPR are also eligible to be ATM Bersama participating Bank. A good example of this group is BPR Karyajatnika Sadaya or BPR KS. (A complete list of ATM Bersama participating Banks can be viewed here).

Customers are not required to register to be able to use ATM Bersama. As long as an  ATM Card belongs to one of ATM Bersama participating Banks, the owner can perform transaction directly in any ATM Bersama network through different delivery channels like any ATM terminals ATM Bersama logo, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, or EDC machine.

Transaction features that are available in ATM Bersama network include cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and interbank transfer or remittance through various delivery Bank channels.

Furthermore, by using ATM Bersama network, customers can enjoy other conveniences such as purchase transaction using Debit GPN Card in other bank's EDC machine, in many merchants throughout Indonesia. Customers can also perform debit online transaction in e-commerce by choosing Debit GPN Card payment instrument with ATM Bersama logo on it.

Interbank transfer duration in the ATM Bersama network refers to a real time online. This means the fund transferred are received the moment the sender receives notification about completed transaction.

Yes, maximum amount per transfer transaction is Rp. 10.000.000,- and maximum amount per transaction per day is Rp. 50.000.000,-. However, these regulation could be different in other Banks, it depends on the issuer banks regulation.

In Banks' ATM Machine that has ATM Bersama logo:

  1. Insert the ATM card to the Bank ATM machine (make sure there is a logo of ATM Bersama on the ATM machine or at the back of the ATM Card)
  2. Insert PIN number
  3. Choose “Transfer” menu
  4. Insert Bank Code and the designated account number. (To see the list of ATM Bersama members banks' code click here)
  5. Make sure that the Bank code and the designated account number are correct
  6. Enter the transfer amount
  7. Enter the reference number (optional)
  8. Check again to make sure the account number matches the name of the account number’s owner’s name
  9. Choose “other transaction” if you want to proceed with the next transaction. Or choose “Finish” if you have finished the transaction. Always make sure to take the ATM card from the ATM Machine slot.

Transaksi Transfer melalui Mobile Banking atau Internet Banking:

  1. Login to your Mobile Banking account or Internet Banking account
  2. Choose "Transfer" menu
  3. Insert Bank Code and the designated account number
  4. Make sure that the Bank code and the designated account number are correct
  5. Enter the transfer amount
  6. Enter the description message (optional)
  7. Check again to make sure the account number matches the name of the account number’s owner’s name. If correct, choose "Continue" to proceed the transaction
  8. Insert your Mobile Banking or Internet Bankin PIN
  9. Your transaction is finish. Share or save your receipt if needed

In addition to real time online or fund received right away to the account destination, performing transfer through ATM Bersama is also feasible with Three Partied approach. The transaction is made when the holder of Bank Card A performs transfer in Bank B’s ATM Terminal, to beneficiary’s account in Bank C.

The fee charged to customers who perform transaction in ATM Bersama refers to the Banks’s policy and strategy. A number of Banks do not charge at all or free, while the other provides subsidized fee for its customers. The amount of transaction fees in ATM Bersama ranges from Rp 7,500 for cash withdrawal, Rp. 6,500 for transfer, and Rp. 4,000 for balance inquiry.

In the event of transaction disruption, for instance when account is debited but cash is not dispensed, customers can report the incident to ATM Bank Issuer. In addition to that, ATM Bersama also will apply a standard procedure on the matter as agreed by all participating Banks. As arranged in the procedure, shall a customer claims a transaction disruption, and whenever the complaint is identified in the system, the deducted amount will be credited back to the customer. And as the next step, the referred Banks will proceed with claim report as soon as report evidence is provided by the customer, by referring to the regulation of each Bank.

In the event of a swallowed ATM Card, a customer may want to contact the ATM Card Bank Issuer. The customer should quickly proceed with card blocking and propose to create a new ATM Card.

By referring to the regulation stipulated by the Bank Indonesia, customer complaint and dispute management process will require 14 working days starting from the day of report arrival in the Bank. Nevertheless, different Banks apply different policies for customers’ fund return.